Historic House Trust - New York City Historic House Trust of New York City a not-for-profi t organization was created in 1989 to preserve and promote the historic houses located in New York City parks. Working in partnership with the City of New York Parks & Recreation, the goal of the Trust is to provide new levels of attention, support and specialized care to benefi t these museums.

Each historic house offers a unique learning experience that can be connected to a particular theme or unit of instruction such as families, communities and local, state and national history.

Students focus on a specific place and how it has changed over time. They discover how families lived and worked in earlier days; trace the growth and development of their own and other communities; deepen their understanding of diverse heritages; and learn about important events and significant people in the history of our city, state and nation.

Whether you are planning to visit a historic house within walking distance of your school or thinking about a bus or subway trip to a site in another borough, the links on this web site will help you to determine which historic sites meet your instructional goals.

The following PDF files provide information on the wide variety of school programs offered at Historic House Trust sites, and the learning standards they complement. For further information, please visit the webpage of the house that you are considering.

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